SEO – Why Backlinks Are Important & 4 Ways to Get Them for Free!

If you’re asking about backlinks, you probably just began your long and rough journey to becoming a Professional Blogger, or Internet Marketer. Like many of you, I began working from home because I wanted to be my own boss. That, and the fact that the economy isn’t doing so hot, right now. Regardless, if you’re an Internet Marketer, backlinks are extremely vital to your online success. I want to take the time to go ahead and tell you about why backlinks are important. Then, I want to give you 4 strategies that you can use to get them.

Why are backlinks important? This is a great question, that all webmasters should have the answer to. As a part of Search Engine Optimization, backlinks are a big piece of an algorithm that help search engines to decide what order websites should be ranked in. For example, let’s say you have a website about bananas, and I have a website about bananas, as well. Backlinks, being a part of the algorithm, helps search engines decide which site, (mine or yours), will rank in the number 1 spot, for bananas. Some of the other factors that help search engines decisions on ranking sites includes site relevancy, page relevancy, site load time, on page optimization, and much, much more.

4 ways to get free backlinks Now that you know a little bit more about backlinks, I want to go ahead and give you 4 techniques that you can use, to get them for free. Before I do, you should know that I mainly use the first two strategies. I’m not a big fan of strategies 3 and 4, as I don’t find them to be as effective. On the other hand, if you’re just beginning, anything helps. 구글광고대행

1. Article Directories – They’re usually free to join. Once you join, you submit a unique article to the directory, and in turn, you get a free backlink, or multiple free backlinks.

2. Forums and Profiles – If you have ever joined a forum or profile site, you’ve likely seen places to put links. Usually, you can put links in signatures, the about section of your profile, along with many other locations. This is a great way to build links for free. Alternatively, if you don’t like looking for these kinds of links, you can check out Paul and Angela’s backlink packets. Now, these packets do cost money, but provide you with tons of high quality links, every month.

3. Website Directories – A website directory links to hundreds of thousands of websites, usually by category. Most directories are free, but some do charge a little bit of money to get in. Never pay the price. If a directory costs money, simply find a new directory to submit your site too.

4. Social Bookmarking – I find this strategy a complete waste of time, but others seem to live by it. Social Bookmarking allows you to submit specific pages from sites, to get a backlink.

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