Samsung galaxy M01 The Smart Phone Which Has been Cracked


Samsung Galaxy M01 is a high end Smartphone in the United Kingdom. Samsung has once again created a unique product with its new release. This Smartphone offers great features and a great visual user interface. With the help of Samsung Galaxy M01 one can communicate to their near and dear ones. In this article we will discuss some of the ways through which you can buy Samsung Galaxy M01. samsung galaxy m01

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge | handset | one | buy | galaxy | one may} Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is an affordable option to the other high end smartphones like iPhone and HTC Desire. It is an excellent device to buy for those who love staying outdoors or those who are always on the go. It offers a lot of attractive features such as weather reports, games, social networking and so on. It comes with a huge price tag of around 250 pounds or around Rs 14,500 in India. One may get it in either contract or pay as you go deals. If one opts for contract then they will have to sign a long term agreement and in that case they may not be able to avail various benefits and discounts provided by the contract period.

As far as features are concerned Samsung Galaxy M01 offers a great deal. It has a large display with a resolution of 15.6 inches and a screen size of 7.9 inches. Equally this smartphone has a sharp and clear display which offers a viewing experience that cannot be rivaled even by any smartphone in this category. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge also has a rear camera which is 5 megapixels in size and can be used to take photos and videos. A really impressive and efficient rear camera which may not be found in any other smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy M01 has a nice compact size with a thickness of just over one inch and is available with two memory options – 16GB or 128GB. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge also comes with a powerful and quick secondary camera setup which allows the user to capture images with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge using the secondary camera. This is a nice feature but the quality of images captured by the secondary camera might be a little less than desired. However, it is a minor thing and the users can overlook it.

For all its impressive features, Samsung Galaxy S M01 has been equipped with a dual core processor which is a significant boost for power. With the help of this processor the speed of the Samsung Galaxy S M01 is increased significantly and the time taken to boot the device is reduced significantly. Along with this, Samsung Galaxy S M01 comes with four unique connectivity options including USB Type-C, 3.5 mm jack, FM radio and Infrared. Even in its native form, the Samsung Galaxy S M01 comes with many connectivity options including micro USB, HDMI, Bluetooth and GPS. It is in this respect that the Samsung Galaxy S M01 is different from other handsets in the Indian subcontinent, as it comes with all the connectivity options expected from a modern smartphone and a few more which are very much appealing.

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